Wind Down With a Sensational Massage in New Farm

Looking for a place to unwind with a restful and sensational massage in New Farm? The Genesis Bodywork Brisbane offers one of the most comprehensive massage packages for the residents of New Farm. Here you will be treated to top quality massage New Farm therapies by the expert hands of the masseuses who are experienced in carrying out varied massage therapies.

Massage New Farm

The massage is carried out in beautiful surroundings with top quality products. Service is friendly, comfortable and of high quality. If you are looking for the best value for money for a massage therapy in Brisbane or a quality Brisbane day spa kitted with the best amenities and offering you the best service, this is the place to be.

There are various massage styles that are offered at this massage New Farm facility in order to help you restore your health and get some mental and emotional rejuvenation. These include the following:

  • Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage
  • Remedial Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Corporate Massage

Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage

The Ka Huna massage is a form of deep relaxing whole body massage. You will get a very deep relaxing feeling after a Ka Huna massage as well as a sense of emotional healing. The main aim of this form of massage is the promotion of harmony in body, mind and soul. The body is massaged at various places simultaneously in order to promote free flow of energy in the body.

Remedial Therapy

This often relates to treating pain and dysfunction in the body due to certain bodily injuries. Remedial therapy is highly recommended for a host of conditions such as acute or chronic pain, migraines, sporting injuries, pain in the lower back as well as shoulder pain amongst others.

The deep tissue massage or sports massage

This type of massage is targeted at the deep muscles and connective tissues. It is a hard form of massage but with very positive outcomes. Patients might feel a little discomfort during the deep tissue massages but the recovery is quick.

Deep tissue is recommended for various muscles or tissue conditions. If you are feeling chronic pain or knots in your muscles, then this form of massage therapy will be highly recommended. It will help considerably in recovering from the tissue aches.

Brisbane sports massage, like the deep tissue massage, is also a form of hard massage that focuses on the deep connective tissues, fascia, muscles and joints in order to relieve pain and tension in the tissues.

Sports massage is very common amongst athletes and has plenty of health benefits. These include relieving pain, correcting the muscle imbalance and preventing injuries amongst others. A lot of people who undergo deep tissue massage and sports massage normally experience an instant relief after the massage therapy.

Pregnancy massages

This must be carried out by very qualified massage therapists. Pregnancy massage is actually a combination of the relaxation massage and remedial massage. The main aim of services (such as Brisbane pregnancy massage services) is to offer relief to some of the conditions plaguing pregnant women such as health concerns, pain and stress.

Hawaiian Hot Stone

This is an ancient form of massage that offers the ultimate relaxation and sense of harmony.  This form of therapy makes use of hot stones along with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques of massaging that will help you reach a state of both mental and emotional harmony.

Looking for a quality and professional massage New Farm service that offers you the best value in Brisbane? Check out to book an appointment today and prepare for a truly sensational and quality massage.